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New Moon

My Role

My role in the project was to come up with the big idea. Then I led the research through usability studies and prototyping. Finally coming up with the navigation and total look of the FER app. 

Project Goal

Goal of the project was to provide one stop app, where gentlemen can buy latest clothing for any social setting from the leading brands. 

Target Audience

Target audience were the mid-level executives who have limited time to shop around and find what suits their personas best. 

Key Challenges & Constraints

The key challenge was to do the competitive audit. There is too much going on. Everyone is selling everything and no one is selling anything. We wanted to dissect between it all and create an identifiable niche for ourselves. 

Research Study Details

During our research we found out in order to create an impactful app we will have to narrow down our provision. We have to create a speciality app where you will be offered curated range of latest outfits from leading fashion brands. Our target individuals need to sift through the best and latest. There is limited chance that they will make an actual purchase so will give them the fastest solution, simple, minimalistic. Concentrating on their needs and experience rather than an elaborate functionality. 

Initial Designs & Concepts (click image to enlarge)

Pink Background with Bubbles
Scan 9.jpeg

Crazy 8 Story Board

Giving a slice to life scenario of the problem statement. 

Scan 12.jpeg

Crazy 8 App Layout

Giving a skeleton of how the interface should be organized.

Scan 10.jpeg

Crazy 8 Navigation/Content

Giving a navigational interactivity to the content.

Sketches & Wireframes (click gallery to enlarge)

User Testing & Results

Tried and tested.jpg

Mockups. Prototype

What I learned

I learned a lot. Starting from the conception of the idea and then elaborating it in the user-centric format. The growth curve through the research and usability study and then finally developing an interface that was the turn-key solution for those interested in the fashion that's on the way. 

It was highly satisfying because of the hands-on skills that I learned throughout the Figma exploration and execution. 

Next, I will iterate more on it so I can sell it to a prospective party or put it up for crowd funding.