Foods Group Inc.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Foods Group Inc. is a concept restaurant, where quality meets health. It is about the notion that to eat a balanced diet you have to eat everything and for that one must resolve their nutritional needs across the Food Groups- namely meats, veggies and grains. On the dessert side there are yogurts, pies and ice cream. While there are fresh juices and smoothies also served on the beverage side. 

The homescreen depicts an image of quality-conscious food lovers who don't compromise the taste while upkeeping their health needs. 


Here you will find how each food item is categorized into different groups and what health/nutritional benefits do they serve in order to satisfy the taste buds in the lines of a healthy appetite. 

The objective is simple- to streamline nutritional benefits across the choices eaters want to make to order food corresponding their feelings and the long-term nutritional goals. 

All these choices will help in building the body without leaving the taste cravings. Traditionally we see calories mentioned in the menu but here everything is so healthy that only the portions matter. Foodies can satisfy their urge to reap the benefits of eating out without feeling the guilt or after-effects of junk food.  


Mindful eating is the next trend among fitness conscious people. At the same time those who follow the taste in raw food can now mix and match items of their choice and design their own dishes with unique flavors. Based on their very own choices, they can create their own platters in which the assorted ingredients will amplify the core taste of each dish.

The interface is laid out to trigger a sumptuous sensation. A mouth-watering experience that will help users place the order with relative ease while easily maneuvering and navigating in a minimalist experience. The approach is to assist them in placing orders while they scroll through their nutritional needs.