Pimp My Ride

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Pimp My Ride is a social network for car and car lovers. From exotic cars, to concept cars, from hybrid cars to e-cars, and from flying cars to formula. This is where all the auto lovers part their love. These machine heads share their passion of their speed demons. You could be a mid-level manager with a desire to try new sport models or you could be an auto dealer who wants to create a used car listing. You will find it all here. 

People love cars all over the world. From Japan to Dubai and from Miami to NY- people collect cars, people love cars and do anything for their favorite ride. 


Here you can do it all. You can get the opinion of your fellow car enthusiasts about your alteration or the custom model that you have in your mind or just share it with your friends who are excited to test ride it. 


We live our lives around our cars. It represents us, it represents our taste, our lifestyle, our outlook. So although on mainstream media sites the auto industry is over-generalized; here is someplace where you will find your tribe. Whether it is a car brand, whether it is technology or features- you find your like-minded individuals. These are the people who share your passion. These are the people for whom cars serve as the milestones of their productivity. For many these were trophies and stepping stones that created further abundance in their lives. Be it Floyd Mayweather or Jay Leno the love affair between humans and cars go beyond the mileage or the mode. 

No need to subscribe to toxic and oversaturated FB groups- just upload your car pics or those with loved ones sharing the journey of life with you. 


You may have your own dream car it could be a Lambo, Maserati, Maybach or Bentley- the common thread is to depict your imagination. It is about your lust for speed, that roaring engine, that full throttle, that final gear. As tech is evolving- people are exploring flying cars. Some are into concept cars, others are even collecting Formula cars. Whatever the infatuation may be- you need to cultivate your target or what you have already owned with those who are eager to know about it. 

At PMR you will find experts, engineers, tech visionaries and all those who see cars as the extension of their bodies. The interior an abode, the color following their moods and for some sound only captures the complete vibe in their favorite. So whether you wanna share that Limo ride in Vegas or whether you want to take the quick clip of a celebrity sighting in LA in that Hummer Limo. This is the place to park your joy.