Interview with Dr. Atif A K – A Multi Talented Artist

Tention Free : Please introduce yourself to the readers and Who or what inspired you to get into this profession?

Well I have been into various creative endeavors in most the years of my life. I used to paint at an early age, I picked piano when I was 12 years old- I was fascinated playing Airwolf and Knight Rider on my organ Yamaha PT-10. And then the fever kept increasing, I used to sing too. I attended a filmmaking workshop at Alliance Francaise. Same year I was hired as Creative Executive at McCann Erikson. Later I did courses in Graphic Design, 3D Animation and Special FX. In the meantime I started climbing the corporate ladder in ad industry while I got my doctorate in Image Marketing. Finally, my love for films came to life when I did my filmmaking at New York Film Academy’s LA Campus in Universal Studios. There I saw a century of film history and shot at places where all landmark movies were shot. In 2010 after the death of Michael Jackson I made a rock tribute album of his all time hits, which today has mass following around the globe. I also released an album with Universal Music India which did pretty good in that region.