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Wish A Stranger

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Image by Sharon McCutcheon

As we get caught up in the race of social media- we drift apart from the core concept of integration. The interactions become toxic and far from real. Facebook stepped into the world before the mobile app revolution, and it truly never fully adopted to the canvas of mobile app based paraphernalia. Therefore, we feel (although expanding) Facebook struggling in conceptual provisions of sharing the good aspects of life. Same is with Twitter where it has become a venting platform of political hustle. Gone are the days when we discovered music and movies from social media. 

Along came Instagram as a direct opponent to Facebook although belonging to the same company. And then the Tik Tok revolution made the still once out-of-the-world photo filters thing of the past.

There is nothing fake about wishing a stranger a birthday. A greeting is real- it can never be a bot because the entire exercise will be useless. So probably only real humans will engage through Wish a Stranger. 

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Recent mental health studies have shown that integration with social equity is the most promising factor for a healthy life. The saturated forms of social media pushes us into isolation because there is no verifiable way to identify the presence of a given profile on social media. It could be race baiting, it could virtue signaling, it could be an adversary or it could well merely be a cybersecurity threat.


On Wish a Stranger- it is rather meaningful when you join someone's happiness in a given moment. It is rather innocent, harmless and outrightly genuine when you wish upon a star. It could be anything from a birthday to anniversary and from a graduation to well, Christmas or New Year. The core big idea that translates into real lifestyle scenario is the ability to join hands and celebrate the happiness of another human. 

Although Yelp wanted to be the social media of food but suddenly it felt that we had nothing more fruitful to share than our last sandwich. And yes, the pun is indeed intended. 

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Every day millions of people celebrate their birthdays. Many have weddings, engagements, sports victories, the birth of their child- there is an abundance of positive. It doesn't have to be toxic at all. When you have nothing good to share- then we rather go to other people to join their happiness. It is a mindset shift. We see celebrities being congratulated on-air and the news is also not always a mode of anxiety. Wish a Stranger is about converting a stranger into a friend. A real person with a real bundle of joy.

And it is not just a customary post. You can send flowers, gifts, gift cards, greeting videos, digital cards, Hallmark cards, and video/text chat message directly into the privacy of inbox. There is nothing unfamiliar about it. We have been doing it all our lives. It is just that the live video this time is filled with claps and laughter. The ability to mirror the joy of human beings is the philosophy behind entertainment. And it is not about the latest dance moves, it is about the desire to make a difference in someone's life- with a gesture, thought, and a smile. 

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